The correct version of the harvard library twenty words

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1. 此刻打盹,你将做梦;而此刻学习,你将圆梦。

You will have another short dream if you take a nap here, but you will be one step closer to getting your dreams fulfilled if you take the time to study, instead.

2. 我荒废的今日,正是昨日殒身之人祈求的明日。

The time which I wasted may be what those who died would hope to have if they could live twice.

3. 觉得为时已晚的时候,恰恰是最早的时候。

That you find you are late and feel regret for it can be the mark of a new beginning in you life.

4. 勿将今日之事拖到明日。

(English proverb: Do not leave until tomorrow what you can do today.)

5. 学习时的苦痛是暂时的,未学到的痛苦是终生的。

The pain you feel now will pass, but that which you have in regret of not trying to learn more will last.

6. 学习这件事,不是缺乏时间,而是缺乏努力。

As for studying, time is not what we need most, but diligence is.

7. 幸福或许不排名次,但成功必排名次。

Unlike happiness, which may be indiscriminative, success always means more to the beholders ranked higher in position.

8. 学习并不是人生的全部。但,既然连人生的一部分——学习也无法征服,还能做什么呢?

Certainly studying is not everything-- but what else can you do if you fail to accomplish even this little task in your life?

9. 请享受无法回避的痛苦。

Here is the pain which is unavoidable and which you must learn to enjoy.

10. 只有比别人更早、更勤奋地努力,才能尝到成功的滋味。

You will not taste the fruit of success unless you get up earlier and work harder than others do.

11. 谁也不能随随便便成功,它来自彻底的自我管理和毅力。

Success does not come easily; it goes only to those who work hardest and manage their time most efficiently.

12. 时间在流逝。

Time passes by. / Life passes with time.

13. 现在淌的哈喇子,将成为明天的眼泪。

Rather than watching and envying, act to do as the others do.

14. 狗一样地学,绅士一样地玩。

Work like a dog and play like a gentleman. / Enjoy study as much as play.

15. 今天不走,明天要跑。

If you do not walk to catch the time today, you will have to run tomorrow.  / You will have to work twice as hard tomorrow to get back what you have lost today.

16. 投资未来的人是,忠于现实的人。

He who invests for his future has a realistic view on life.

17. 教育程度代表收入。

Education pays for itself in the form of your future salary.

18. 一天过完,不会再来。

Once it passed, it will not come back. / Every day is today, but a different day.

19. 即使现在,对手也不停地翻动书页。

Be aware that someone may have just turned over a page of the book he reads.

20. 没有艰辛,便无所获。

No pain, no gain. / No gain without pain.


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