Go With The Flow

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So much confusion clouding my mind
Spinning so fast no peace to find
Shall I, will I, can I, should I
Doubt upon doubt,
Thoughts like a fast train
Changing at every station
What’s done can’t be changed
What’s changed is my salvation
Why dwell on answers to questions that haven’t evolved
Take your time girl said the voice of reason
Be confident, be bold
There’s no need to rush, chill and take it slow
The music is playing relax and go with the flow.
——By Allie Lusha

Round and round until you reach the hill
Always wondering if what you feel is real
Just stumbling as you are looking for a ride
So much anger from the pain you feel inside

Raining on your life as the trees begin to cry
Surrounded in the woods, it is all just a lie
Just stop and listen, you can hear the birds
Songs so empty unless you listen to the words

There is never a beginning unless there is an end
It is time to stop and humble yourself my friend
Never is it about what you do, but what you know
For life is a never ending river, go with the flow

 ——Papa D


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